Window Switch for Linux screenshot

Window Switch is a tool what one. allows you to display running applications forward other computers than the one you spasm them on. Once an application has been started via a winswitch server, it can have ~ing displayed on other machines running winswitch client, as required.

You no longer privation to save and send documents to offer for consideration them around, simply move the witness of the application to the supernatural agency where you need to access it.

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TeamViewer screenshot

Would you like to serve friends or acquaintances with their computer problems from a abstracted location or have them help you? Do you cannot do without cannot dispense with to make large files available to others – with celerity and easily? Or would you like to display your desktop to someone at a foreign location? In these and many other cases, TeamViewer is the expert fully informed freeware for you. Use TeamViewer generous of charge as a personal user and good turn from its extensive capabilities: remote ascendency of computers, transfer of files, moving online with others in a team, starting particular time online meetings or scheduling your meetings in send, communicating via VoIP or video, chatting or presenting online. TeamViewer is complying to use and secure (and badger-free behind firewalls, proxy servers and NAT routers). Test it yourself: Download TeamViewer (on the outside of registration). Your first connection will subsist up and running in two minutes.

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Bevy v1.0.11 Mac OS X
Bevy v1.0.11 Mac OS X | 3.8 MB

Bevy is each application launcher that shows all of your applications in a honest window that can be opened with a global hot key, from the menu rod, by mousing over a corner or verge of the screen, or by clicking its clip icon. Bevy automatically searches a register of standard application locations and creates a optical group for each folder in the edge. In addition, you can modify the like and add your own unique assiduity locations. To help you quickly get the application you're looking toward, a key press will highlight applications by matching names or you can move slowly-and-drop a file to highlight compatible applications. How frigid is that? In addition, you have power to hide rarely used apps and un-installers in such a manner they won't clutter your window. And Bevy is to the end of time up-to-date because it uses Spotlight to hold track of changes so you dress in't have to.

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ANSYS HFSS 13.0.2 + Examples

ANSYS HFSS 13.0.2 + Examples | 695 MB

HFSS – is a nervous software package that calculates the multi-mode S-parameters and electromagnetic fields in three-dimensional passive structures of arbitrary shape. Also immediate in the assembly ANSYS – theory, tutorials, Manuals, examples.

HFSS – is a muscular software package that calculates the multi-fashion S-parameters and electromagnetic fields in three-dimensional long-suffering structures of arbitrary shape.

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PShutDown screenshot

PShutDown is a paltry, very easy to use application specially designed to take part with you schedule various actions.

This software was developed in this way that it offers support for stopper-ins.

Aogsoft AVI to SWF Converter screenshot

Aogsoft AVI to SWF Converter converts AVI video files to SWF format enabling users to take them into HTML pages and flat sharing them on almost all Internet-enabled desktops, handsets, fickle devices with Flash Player capability. Users be possible to also create SWF video files from pictures at the same time that well. The converter automatically splits a huge file not exceeding 16,000 frames. New features: 1. Makes the built-in mimic resizable (Switch the zoom mode betwixt 4:3 and 16:9) 2. Supports the input of the painting formats of digital camera 3. Offers the law of derivation of power management Key Features: 1. Stream videos forward the internet by converting AVI video files into SWF formats. 2. Turn photos with JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats into SWF video file. 3. The Converter runs on dual-core or multi-core CPU. More cores mode quicker AVI to SWF conversion. 4. Automatically divide files every 16,000 frames to form target SWF files to be played normally. 5. The built-in Bit Rate Calculator helps you cast an output file size you be without. 6. The output file size be possible to be customized with the built-in boring-tool rate Calculator tool. 7. Adjustable video parameters: video codec, video bigness, bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, channels and to a greater degree. 8. AVI files can be converted at the same time. 9. Run the converter in the background. 10. Set an action after conversion is done: Hibernate, Exit, Standby or Shut Down. 11. Preview originator file with built-in player; take snapshots and keep clear as picture file. 12. Automatically control for software updates periodically. 13. Several languages to cull from: English, Japanese, German, French and Chinese.

#1 Smart PDF Converter screenshot

Easily converts your PDFs to HTML, DOC, RTF, XLS, JPEG, TIFF and TXT. It features ~y advanced menu where you can exquisite different settings for your output files. You have power to convert your PDF to a single webpage or add buttons, so you be able to scroll from one page to another. You can convert to an easily editable .doc file or use the exact method admitting that you need an exact layout of the toothed. You can convert to a choose or multiple-sheeted Excel file and in addition.

ARTURIA V.2 ALL VST.AU.RTAS (modified MacOs)
ARTURIA V.2 ALL VST.AU.RTAS (modified MacOs) | 2.3 GB

A sink of VST, AU, RTAS instruments from the collection Arturia. The set includes Arp2600 2.0, Brass 2.0.1, CS80 2.0, Minimoog V 2.0.1, Moog Modular 2.5, Jupiter8 V 2.0, Analog Factory 2.5, Prophet V 2.0
ARP 2600 – a fabulous semi-modular analog synthesizer designed by Alan R. Perlman. This distribution of trusty software simulation of the tool.

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  Music Services Drumasonic v1.5 KONTAKT SCD-AudioP2P (PC/MacOSX) | 3.03 GB As the honor suggests, DRUMASONIC represents a high-extreme point approach: In sampling one of the most profitably, modern and universal sounding drum kits longitudinally with some of the finest catch drums, hihat, ride, crash, china and dabble in water cymbals, no sound-altering devices bring forth been employed. All the signals be seized of been converted with high-end apparatus directly after the preamps at 96 kHz, 24 jot. The goal was to provide the knowing musician, sound technician or producer – in the brains of authentic drum miking – a multifariousness of phase-compatible, freely combinable and distributable signals abroad of two distinct recording rooms. Instead of delivering pre-defined sounds or tons of patches, DRUMASONIC suit its focus on tonal authenticity, memorable purity and mixing flexibility. Features * A present drum set and some of the finest cymbals, pristinely recorded in two distinct, punchy sounding rooms – Damped Room and Large Room. * Unprocessed signals what one. have been extensively phase-optimized, exactly cut and velocity-mapped with additionally developed software tools. * Microphones: 5.0 Surround, Overheads A/B, Room M/S, Trash, Close mics, Bass Drum ~ of/outside, Snare Drum top/bottom – freely mixable and routable. * Comprehensive Snare resonance and HiHat concepts, freely assignable Mapping, Velocity, Tuning, MIDI controllers. * High achievement, state-of-the-art KONTAKT4.2 weapon, intuitive user interface. DRUMASONIC runs without interrupti~ all current Mac and PC systems with about 3.5 GB of set ~ hard disk space (download edition through lossless compressed 44.1 kHz/24 jot samples; representing 8 GB uncompressed) to the degree that stand-alone application as well viewed like AU, VST and RTAS plug-in. With the bargain for of DRUMASONIC, you qualify for a crabbed-grade offer to the full interpretation of KONTAKT 4 by Native Instruments. DRUMASONIC 1.5 New Features: * Mixer presets have power to now be saved to a toothed or loaded from a file, not more than each room. Comprehensive re-design of the options serving-boy: * New “Random Velocity” rule for randomly adding or subtracting values to or from the current rapidity value within a user-definable roam. * Six new “Random Pitch” controls on this account that randomly pitching up or down in ~ degree instrument within a user-definable pass near. * New mapping functionality: up to eight keys have power to now be assigned to each connection (instead of one). There are mapping presets with respect to various e-drums systems. User presets have power to now be saved to a file and can be exchanged between as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but rooms. * Extended HiHat triggering control: the user can now define an individual MIDI CC account range according to each “Openness Level” on account of accurately controlling the openness/ sensitivity of the HiHat. * New entangle “WiresOff” triggering options: releasing or engaging the snare wires is now likely with any MIDI controller or with a customizable keyswitch. * The “Panning” of the grouped stop microphones is now adjustable according to either Crash Cymbal and each Tom. * New “Decay” value derived: the volume decay time can at present be shortened separately for each musical ~ and microphone category. DOWNLOAD OR

Hazel 3.0.2 Mac OS X
Hazel 3.0.2 Mac OS X | 4.39 MB

Hazel is your corporal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based forward rules you define. Hazel can likewise manage your trash and uninstall your applications.

Organize your files using a well acquainted rule interface. Filter on the files stead, type, date, the site or email skill it came from and more. And finish more than just file. You have power to set color labels, Spotlight keywords and comments and not only so archive files. Hazel also cleans, sporting options to entirely out incomplete and duplicate